Napkin Filter - For catching waxes formed in Winterization

Create a pocket

Place in a 5" funnel

Ice Filter - For catching loose oils when discarding waste water.

Nylon Coffee Filter Basket

Load the basket with ice to freeze any oils passing through.

Pour the wash through the ice and the oils will catch on the nylon.

N95 Fast Flow Filter - Heavy Duty filtering

First, make sure your masks have no ink from printing. Alcohol will dissolve the ink into your wash.

N95 with ink

This branding was printed with ink and will dissolve in your wash.

KN95 melted branding

This branding is melted in the mask and is safe for use.

All the parts

N95/KN95 mask with straps,

5 inch funnel and mason jar,

thin 2 layer paper towel,

or N95/KN95 insert liner

Strap on the N95

The straps easily extend around the funnel.

Line it with a paper towel

A paper towel adds a coarser layer to most of the particulate, saving the N95 from plugging up. You can swap out the paper filter between pours.

or N95/KN95 insert liner

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