Innovating Home Based Solutions 

for MMJ Patients. 

Cannabis Home Sciences focuses on improving people's lives through cost effective home based solutions using only what's available in the kitchen. All these innovations are available to home users for free. Consider this an Open Source project with contributions by the community, for the community.  Scroll down to view our active projects.

Many thanks to Gray Wolf for his supporting advice to Yet-Another enthusiast repeating everything he has covered in the past. His advice has been instrumental. Links to his informative site are sprinkled throughout the documentation. His website aptly named is an industry resource for technical discussions on cannabis oil extraction hardware and procedures.

Published Projects:

        RxCE - Refined Cannabis Extract. - Make vape-able decarbed winterized oil in 2 hours.

              Make cleaner, more potent RSO/FECO in less time for less money. 

              RxCE Shop Manual A deep dive into the details of making oil.

Tips and Tools:

Retired Projects:

RSO 2.0 2022 - DEPRICATED.  RSO 2.0 has been replaced by RxCE but still has a place

              in special cleanups.

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The History of RxCE and precursor RSO 2.0

The Original project published was RSO 2.0 2021, an update to the classic recipe for making cleaner Rick Simpson Oil at home. 2021 had all the pieces, just needed to be optimized  This process has now been replaced as 2022 is significantly cleaner and easier to make.  

Not an optimal race car

RSO 2.0 2022 contains a discovery of fundamental science that radically changes how to make oil. This process is MUCH easier, faster, and cleaner. Click HERE or the race car to view the page.


RSO 2.0 2023  Where do we go from here? 

Answer: All this work has boiled down into two simple changes and with it, a new name. RSO 2.0 is now known as  Refined Cannabis Extract, aka, RxCE. This name reflects the substantial quality improvement over the original RSO.


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