NOTE:  This page is going to be updated in the near future with complete filtering instruction, best wait till then. The following are previous filtering solutions used for the various steps.

Fast Flow Filtering of the Wash to Remove Trichome

This is actually a three stage filter. The first filter is the wire mesh screen holding the plant in the Mason jar in the right hand picture.  The second filter is the linen-like paper napkin at roughly 40ug. The third filter is the N06 coffee  at about 10-20ug.  A Fourth filter can be added such as a vacuum driven Buchner or syringe filters.  

Simple Fast Flow Napkin Filter  For Catching Waxes Formed in Winterization

Create a pocket 

Place in a 5" funnel

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WARNING: Never distill alcohol near open flame.  Alcohol vapors are highly flammable so always distill in well ventilated spaces.

This oil is appropriate for oral ingesting and vaping.  Due to the potential of residual salts, do not torch this oil.  Torch temperatures can reach over 760c/1400f and can vaporize any residual salts. 

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Revision History - Fast Flow Filter Setups

23/10/04 Added KN95 Mask filter from RSO 2.0 2022. More coming..

23/10/01 Page published with only Paper napkin filters

23/09/20 Page done

23/06/10 Soft release candidate published to the FB group.