2022 Equipment List

All the items below can be acquired from various sources at reasonable prices. Much of what you see can be sourced at Dollar stores, Goodwill stores, charity stores, big chain retailers like Walmart, Target, and online.

2022 List of Equipment and Items needed

This process is free, open to all. There is nothing proprietary requiring special purchases. Every product used is a consumer product available in stores or online; feel free to use your own equipment. With that said, most product links presented below are Amazon Affiliate links. You are not obligated to use these links, but we are grateful if you did as it helps fund future research.

This list shows the most common items used to make oil. The links are intended on giving you a visual picture of the item. Most of these items can be purchased locally at lower prices. A lot of the equipment used over the course of development was acquired at the local Goodwill and dollar stores.

Items needed for Setup:

2l/64oz and 1l/32oz Mason jars and lids.

Optional Oven Bags to capture the aroma when decarbing.

Home oven for baking/decarbing the plant material.

Items needed for Step 1 Washing:

99.9% USP-NF Isopropyl Alcohol. [ 4Gallons ] [1 Gallon ]

Nut Milk Bag.

Items needed for Step 2 Silting:

Non-Iodine Table Salt. (Iodine bonds to lipids, avoid this..)

Lime Juice.

Turkey Baster for moving small amounts of alcohol wash.

Electric Siphon for moving larger amounts of alcohol wash

Items needed for Step 3 Distilling:

Measuring cup.

Non-Iodine table salt and tap water to make Brine.

Flat nylon coffee filter.

Household electric stove or reasonable hotplate.

Digital Temperature Gauge. Probes are most accurate.

Not recovering alcohol - use a 1-2 quart pan on electric heat.

For alcohol recovery use an

  1. Entry Level Moonshine Still.

  2. An Aquarium Pump for the still’s condenser.

  3. 5 gallon bucket to hold water for the condenser.

  4. Additional silicone tubing to hook it all up.

Items needed for Step 4 Winterizing:

Household freezer.

Stainless Steel Cone Coffee Filter.

Items needed for Step 5 Reducing:

1 cup stainless steel bowl.

Low electric heat.

1ml syringes.

Amber Storage jars.

190 Proof/95% ethanol. Click HERE if unavailable in your state.

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